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Tiny House Design and Construction Camp

(6-12th graders)

June 15 - June 26, 2020

11:00-2:00 PM

Monday- Friday

ttiny house.jpg

Exposing 6-12th grade Student to STEM Careers

Tiny House Design and Construction Camp exposes students to Tiny House Living and Design.

Students will create their floor plan and 3D Rendering using SKETCHUP Software

The camps are designed to teach the basics of architectural design, inclusive of mapping, site investigation, sketching, scaled drawings, and presentation skills.

Students will create architectural design to address the homeless Veteran Population.


At the completion of the camp, each youth will have a stronger understanding of how to be engaged and active in the positive changes of the design-built environment in their communities, as well as, having a greater understanding of the skills and role of an architect and designer. 

Camp is Monday - Friday 2:15-5:00pm ONLINE





June 15-26, 2020


    Rules to Stipend

  • Login on time

  • Perfect attendance

  • Uniform Worn during class

  • Complete and turn in  course work on time

  • Participate in group discussions

*Stipend starts at $50.00

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