Tax Collector Nancy C. Millan recently donated about 200 surplus computer hard drives and parts to Computer Mentors Group, an amazing organization that provides computer training and classes. About 80 of these computers will go to a local STEM program called STEM Xposure for its "Revitalizing East Tampa" Architectural Design and Construction Camp. If you would like to help with this initiative by donating a monitor, or other computer supplies, contact Robyn Donaldson,

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Created a sustainable learning environment.

  • Six students advanced from 2019 summer camp and returned as camp instructors 2020.

  • 120 students from around the country and 7 international students were exposed to Architectural Design and the Construction trades by industry professionals.

Economical /Empowerment

  • Students provide conceptual designs for clients.

  • $1K scholarships were given to five student instructors.

  • $50 stipend for each participant upon completion of portfolio.

Technology & Design

  • Students use technology Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to solve community problems.

  • Eleven students are pursuing architectural design as their career    choice.


  • TINY TEEN ADVOCATES, students understand how to properly advocate for the legalization of TINY Homes.


 Mayor Jane Castor