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She Draws Tampa Bay 2022


Local Camp 2022

The She Draws Tampa Bay Local Camp was a 'Girls-Only' camp virtually hosted in the United States via Zoom. We had 8 girls participate in the camp.
The activities included:
- Exploring careers in Architecture and Construction
- Understanding building code
- Free hand sketching
- Designing affordable multifamily housing
- Responding to RFP


Guest Speakers

Winning Design by Monroe Dickson

Camp Moments on Zoom


STEM Xposure Global Camp

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-17 at 4.42.02 PM.jpeg

Global Camp 2022

The Global Camp 2022 was a success. We hosted the camp virtually, and had students from United States of America, Kenya and Nigeria participate from August 1st to 12th 2022. We trained the students how to use Sketchup to design structures. Among other activities, the students interacted with the mentors and STEM Xposure's alumni from previous camps.

The students learnt how to;
- Create floor plans
- Design exterior walls and interior walls
- Group
- Differentiate Groups v Components
- Hide and Unhide
- Rotate along different planes
- Move copies
- Multiply and Divide
- Identify basic elements of a good design
- Create 3D Warehouse

Camp Moments on Zoom

global 2.

Tiny Homes


Tiny Home Camp

We organised a one day camp at the Macdill Air Force Base, The students designed homes for military veterans.

We had Jaylin Cole, STEM Xposure alumni and Nathan Masachi, STEM Xposure alumni and first STEM Xposure exchange student as instructors on June 6,2022.

Camp Moments

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