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STEM Xposure Design Camps

The STEM Xposure Architectural Design and Construction camps offer a unique opportunity to introduce and involve minority students in our community to STEM careers and the transformative influence of architectural design.

Upon completing each camp, participants will possess a heightened understanding of how to actively contribute to positive changes in the design-built environment within their communities. Furthermore, they will gain a deeper comprehension of the skills and responsibilities associated with the roles of an architect and designer. The ultimate objective is to guide students towards STEM careers, potentially leading them to the construction industry in roles such as architects, engineers, professional tradespeople, and general contractors.



She Draws Local Camp Tampa Bay

She Draws Local Camp Tampa Bay is a specialized local camp designed to empower and inspire African-American girls aged 10 to 17 in the vibrant city of Tampa Bay. This unique camp focuses on introducing participants to the exciting realms of architecture and design. Through engaging and hands-on activities, the camp aims to cultivate a passion for creativity, problem-solving, and innovation among young minds. By providing a supportive and inclusive environment, She Draws Local Camp encourages these girls to explore their potential in the fields of architecture and design, fostering skills that extend beyond the camp and into future educational and professional pursuits.


Global Camp

The Global STEM Xposure Inc. camp serves as a unique platform that transcends geographical boundaries, connecting participants worldwide through the lens of architecture. This global camp takes place virtually via Zoom, enabling students from various locations to come together in a collaborative and immersive learning environment. Throughout the camp, participants engage in the exciting process of designing houses, gaining practical experience with architecture software tools. This innovative approach not only imparts valuable architectural skills but also fosters a global perspective, encouraging cross-cultural exchange and the exploration of diverse design influences in the virtual realm.


Industry Workshops

STEM Xposure Inc. goes beyond traditional learning by incorporating diverse design programs to enhance skills. Through engaging industry visits and workshops, participants not only refine their design abilities but also gain valuable insights from real-world professionals. This hands-on approach ensures that students not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also practical experience, preparing them for success in the dynamic and evolving field of STEM and design.

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