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2021 Local Camp

Major Highlights

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Local Camp students receiving desktops from STEM Xposure CEO Robyn Donalson.
On June 7, 2021, Stem Xposure kicked off its annual summer camp. This year our theme was ‘Champ Camp’. Through architectural design, we decided to honor the ‘champions’ of Tampa Bay. On the heels of the historic Super Bowl win by The Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well as the Back to Back Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay had been renamed ‘Champa Bay’. During the 11 day virtual camp, participants from all over the world learned how to use SketchUp Technology to design tiny homes to help combat the affordable housing crisis that plagues so many communities all over the world.
Dr. Gladys B. West, American Mathematician who contributed to the invention of the GPS.
  1. Dr. Gladys B West: A NASA Mathematician who developed the Global Positioning System (GPS), Mental Health Advocate.

  2. Antonio Tarver: 5 times Light Heavyweight Champion, Olympic Bronze Medalist, 2021 Florida Boxing Hall Of Fame Inductee.

  3. Zack Griffin: Host of Netflix series ‘Tiny Home Nation.’

  4. Steven Jackson: Los Angeles Rams all-time leading rusher, future NFL Hall of Fame, Architect. 

Every morning participants received words of encouragement from various pioneers and champions in the fields of technology, architectural design, and sports.
Overall, the camp allowed participants the opportunity to create designs that will be turned into tiny homes in the Tampa Bay Area. Stay tuned for updates as we

2021 Glocal Camp

Major Highlights

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Students of St Martins Kathonzweni, Kenya being awarded certificates for participating in the 2021 STEM Xposure Global Camp

STEM Xposure hosted its second Global camp with the central hosting in Nairobi Kenya. 

  1. Over 120 students participated from various townships. 

  2. Over 10 schools from different parts of Kenya were represented in the camp. 

  3. 14 Architecture Students from The University of Nairobi, volunteered as instructors.

  4. Students used STEM, Science Technology Engineering, and Mathematics to solve a community problem.  

  5. Students created tiny houses to support affordable housing and a commuter convenience facility to be used by Nairobi residents to provide safe rest areas while traveling.

A Commuter facility design done by a Kenyan student during the Global camp. The proposed facility will  be built in Nairobi.
Our Mission
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