Virtual summer camp to teach kids, teens to design tiny homes

Registration is under way for STEM Xposure’s first Global Tiny Home Experience Virtual Summer Camp, coming up Aug. 3 to 14. It’s an opportunity for school age-children and teens from around the world to design a tiny home that will actually be built.


“By the end of camp, every student will have created a design for their own tiny home, which will be built and used to design a tiny home village for homeless veterans somewhere within Hillsborough County,” said architectural design professional Robyn Donaldson, founder and executive director of the STEM Xposure, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. (The site has yet to be determined.) “I believe that what we’re doing will have a huge impact on the lives of homeless veterans who deserve our support for their years of service to our country.

Hillsborough County students learning how to be architects through virtual summer course

There are a group of Hillsborough County students in the middle of a two-week virtual summer camp where they are learning how to build their own houses.

Tenth grader Joseph-Lafaye Washington-Clements is one of 30 students, grades three to twelve, learning the ins and outs from experts, on how to design, build, and even furnish their own tiny house.

“It really pushed me into knowing that I wanted to do architecture, specifically for tiny homes, I want to help and make tiny homes when I'm older,” said Washington-Clements.

Robyn Donaldson started the STEM Xposure program three years ago. She is an architectural designer herself and would love to see more African American kids follow in her footsteps.

High school students design homes in East Tampa

New houses are being built every day in Tampa, but not many of them are being designed by a group of high school students.

That’s what’s taking place in East Tampa. It’s all part of a new STEM program that’s turning students into architects.

“When they first started, I was a little nervous and didn’t think they could do it. But once they saw their plans coming together, then they got excited about it and once I saw them, I got excited about it,” said Mary Browning.

Browning’s grandson Kyler was one of 30 students to participate in the STEM Exposure Course led by instructor Robyn Donaldson.