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PRESS RELEASE - The Science of Beauty introduces the MAE Legacy of Beauty Scholarship: Honoring Mae Judge and Edith Donaldson

We are thrilled to announce the formation of the MAE (Mae and Edith) Legacy of Beauty Scholarship, a prestigious new scholarship dedicated to supporting young girls pursuing careers in STEM and the beauty industry. This scholarship honors the enduring influence and legacy of two remarkable women, my grandmothers, Mae Judge and Edith Donaldson, whose passion for beauty and commitment to education have inspired generations.

The MAE Legacy of Beauty Scholarship is designed to help young girls achieve their dreams by providing financial assistance as they embark on their journey into secondary education or vocational training in the beauty industry. By bridging the gap between STEM and beauty, the scholarship aims to foster a new generation of leaders who are both scientifically savvy and artistically skilled.

“We are honored to help our young girls continue to strive for their dreams,” said Sakeya Donaldson, founder of The Science of Beauty. “Mae Judge and Edith Donaldson were beacons of beauty and wisdom in their communities. This scholarship ensures their legacy lives on by empowering future generations to excel in both STEM and beauty.”

Recipients for the MAE Legacy of Beauty Scholarship will be open to girls entering secondary education or trade programs in the beauty industry. The selection process will prioritize applicants who demonstrate a passion for both STEM and beauty , and embodying the spirit and values of Mae Judge and Edith Donaldson.

For more information about the MAE Legacy of Beauty Scholarship, application details, and deadlines, please visit our website at

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