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Science of Beauty Camp 2022 

The first ever Science of Beauty camp powered by STEM Xposure and FlyGirlApproved. The camp was held at the Glazer Museum in Tampa, FL. The camp hosted 25 girls ages 10-17years, who participated in this informative and interactive STEM Camp that focused on STEM careers in the beauty industry. 


Summer Camp 2022

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Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay

Science of Beauty Field Trip 2022


An opportunity to engage the young girls who participated in the first Science of Beauty camp, throughout the school year and continue to peak their interests in STEM careers in the beauty industry. We want the girls to experience the beauty industry in all facets.

Our first Field Trip to Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay, was on November 11, 2022.


Science of Beauty Field Trip

 Field Trip Media 2022

Parents, your child will be begging to come back!

Whether it’s a field trip, summer camp or other program Science of Beauty can make science cool and exciting through our interactive, hands-on format.
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